On Nov. 5th, 2015 at approximately 7:48am, an electrical light fixture malfunctioned and caught fire. The Fort Wayne Fire Department and first responders fought very hard to battle the blaze and get it under control for 2 hours. 

 Lazer X sustained major damage to the entire facility and as a result, we were forced to close the doors. However we are planning on rebuilding and reopening early summer 2016!! We are VERY excited as we look toward making Lazer X better than ever! We are sorry to all of you who were planning a visit and have offered us prayers, sympathy, and support! We love our community and are working hard to bring the best in family entertainment back to you and this city. Please follow us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram to follow our progress and be updated with new information and opening dates as well as behind-the-scenes images as we are rebuilding!




Welcome to Lazer X, The Midwest's premiere laser tag and arcade facility! Our laser tag arena is the largest in the Midwest, with nine thousand square feet of play area on four levels. The arena is lit with ultraviolet light, flashing strobe lights, and other decorative lights. Theatrical fog swirls through the entire arena. Obstacles in the arena provide cover and hiding places during the game and are arranged in a maze pattern. Music plays throughout the arena to provide additional excitement. Up to 42 players at a time can participate in a game. You will also encounter a cybercore reactor, interactive mines, skeletons, and space alien in our arena!